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Writing Guidelines

We have a commendable count of Facebook Fans (around 10K) on various other groups. Your stories and creations will get a huge coverage. We will also share the links of these articles on various other platforms to reach out to our audience.

Please follow our writing guidelines if you’re interested in submitting an article!

Here at Mixed Minds, we’re looking for new, unique and fresh pieces to add to our ever-growing literature/poetry blog.

We welcome our readers to submit a guest post, whether you want to share your ideas, stories and poetries with our audience. We want you to have free roam and let your creative juices flow. However, we do request that you observe our writing guidelines:

Types of Guest Post:

  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Long Stories
  • Article
  • Audio Stories
  • Photography

Relevant Topics/Subjects:

  • Any topic other than the ones mentioned in our Unacceptable Topics list will be accepted. 

Unacceptable Topics: 

  • Marijuana, CBD, Porn, Gambling, Sex & Products, Hate Speech, Prohibited Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol products etc.
  • Posts imposing danger to community/society or carrying remarks on racism will be rejected.


  • English
  • Bengali

Who can write?

  • Anybody who has a good falir in English and/or Bengali language. 
  • Even you can encourage your children to share their thoughts and ideas here. 

Content Length

  • First and foremost, your contribution should be 100% original and has to pass the copyscape test. We will do the test for you. Don't worry!
  • There is no word limit for your creative contribution. 
  • Articles should have a word count of 600 words or more
Share your photo, a short description of what you do and why you like writing, links to your social profiles along with your contribution to us.


  • We source our own – please don’t add them to your submission unless absolutely necessary!


  • Although we’re sure that you are an excellent writer, we will make grammatical or factual changes to your article if we find them necessary.


Can I repost the article on my blog?

  • Sadly not! The aim of Mixed Minds is to offer you unique literary pieces that cannot be found elsewhere. 
  • We’d really appreciate it if you didn’t repurpose your articles elsewhere – including your own blog.

Do I get paid for writing an article for you?

  • We don’t offer monetary incentives for writing a guest article. We consider exposing your content a good way of exchanging value between both of us.

Do I have to pay to get published?

  • No, this platform is absolutely free for all.

We are looking forward to your contributions!

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